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The Stanton Family in Cape town

2019 so far…

We cant believe our first three months with our babies has gone so fast. We are currently taking our first break from the babies and it feels very strange. We miss them terribly and have to hold ourselves back from approaching strangers in the streets of CT with their own babies.

We talk constantly about their unique little mannerisms and how quickly and beautifully they are developing. The UHBH is so much more than we ever expected. We quickly received 5 babies and it really feels like we have quintuplets. We have so many new friends and are eternally grateful to the volunteers who arrive everyday to do their bit.

Just so you have some idea of the scale of this. We have a core team that manages the home and our board has been established. People all over the country collect goods for us and others help raise awareness. We have another 40 or so people that want and need to spend time with the babies and someone, namely Skyla, has to schedule all of this. Other committed people help with getting our website sorted, raising much needed finds, collecting donations, doing reflexology, seeing to the babies medical needs, getting emergency supplies etc. It’s a lot but we could not be happier.

We miss the babies everyday and we will be back home soon with them. Our other children Sam (20), Becky (17) and Sma (10) have taken the transition in their stride and it is such a blessing to be able to spend these few days with them without the more pressing needs of the babies. At home the babies always come first because they are so small and have very basic needs that require fulfillment. We keep the nursery seperate from the house but the babies are always with us. There is always someone who needs a little extra love when they are supposed to have gone down for the night. We have had one colicky baby but the others feed and sleep well. They are thriving – some more than they should be πŸ™ˆand we are busy transforming into a stricter routines as they all approach the three month mark.

On a daily basis we reflect on the paradox that is our life. It is crazy but calming, joyful and sad, extremely busy but always time for a cuddle, trying and easy at the same time. We know this sounds unreal and for us it is – it is like everything we dreamt of and feared at the same time – yet feels perfectly right. When something feels so right we know we are doing what we are meant to. We will run a blog to keep everyone updated. Please continue to apporach us when you see us in the shops or around the Upper Highway Area – one of the most rewarding aspects has been meeting all the new faces who are loving the UHBH and our precious little souls that form the basis of what we do.

Much love and many thanks

The Stanton Family

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