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Wish List

We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

We would love your pre-loved baby items. Clothes in good condition, toys in working order, bottles, half used tubs of creme etc. 

We take it all and it will get used on our little ones, just as you have used it on yours.

Here is our standard requirements list that we need for the babies. Some items are used daily and others only when needed. Please contact us if you need any clarity.


Sunlight automatic washing powder

Sunlight fabric softner

Double ply toilet paper

Kitchen towel


Sunlight liquid

Dishwasher tablets


Sterilon surface spray

Hand sanitiser


Telament drops & Gripe Water

Plasters & Bactroban

Daktarin Oral Gel & Daktarin Gyno


Eucalyptus oil & Lavender oil

Camphorated oil

Sterimar baby spray & Paediatric Iliadin

Panada Syrup / Calpol

Teegel / teething powders

Bennets Colic Mixture

Antipeol Mixture

Karvol Capsule


Nappies Size 1-6



Infacare 1 and 2

Lactogen 1 and 2

Novalac AR

Baby body cream

Baby bum cream

Baby wash

Baby shampoo



Baby Food (Required from June 2019)


Baby Cereal

Teething biscuits

All preloved baby items


Any of these brands of bottles: –

Nuk, Dr Brown, Avent, Tommee Tippee

Dummies: Same brands as above