Community Service Hours

We run a vey busy Community Service programme for students.  Students are encouraged to spend time working at the UHBH and earn Community Service Hours.  These are supplemented by donations made by students in lieu of community service hours.  Some students prefer to raise funds for the babies and purchase items needed by the home.  Community service hours are allocated as 1 hour per R100 of goods donated.

We also run courses for students and certificates are awarded.  The current courses are the Baby Basics Course and the more detailed Advanced Newborn Care Course.

Kerry is also available to talk at schools on abandonment, adoption and baby care by appointment. 

We love having young people here to engage with the babies.  Both boys and girls are welcome.  If you are not wanting to actually engage with the babies there are plenty of other items that need attention at the home and we can get you involved. 

Please call Kerry if you are interested in Community Service and together we can develop a programme that is right for you.

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