Meet the team!


Gary Stanton is the co-founder and director of the Upper Highway Baby Home. He plays an important day to day role as “Dadda” to the babies in our care. Gary managers all the operations and finances of the Baby Home, utilising his extensive prior experience in the corporate world as an executive in a number of successful companies. “My passion and purpose in life is protecting the vulnerable and I have found my calling in what I do at the Upper Highway Baby Home.”


Kerry is the co-founder of the Upper Highway Baby home. Kerry is mom to all at the home. She is involved with overall management of the baby home and attends to the legal and medical requirements of the babies and is the designer of the outreach elements and marketing. “The fact the babies born to other women call me mommy is a tragedy and privilege that is never lost on me.”


Big sister to the little ones and always keeping an eye out for them, Becky knows each baby so well. While studying she runs the HR and admin side of the baby home, making sure the team are happy and operations run smoothly. “Being a big sister to these babies is one of my greatest honours.”


Goodman is one of drivers for the baby home. He is also a great handy man and is always there to assist with any repairs needed.”I am very dedicated to my job and enjoy being around the babies and seeing them being well cared for. My commitment is making sure the baby home is a safe and well cared for environment.”


Thobi is the director of the Saving Futures Programme. She organises all donations and deliveries for the moms and their babies. “Hey, meet me, Thobile the baby whisperer. My satisfaction comes from babies’ happy little faces.”


Ola is our amazing cook. She keeps our babies’ tummies full of delicious snacks and meals. ” When I see the babies enjoying the food my day is made. My heart is filled with love for them.”


Zanele is one of our senior day staff. You will most likely see her over the weekend taking charge of the baby home and loving all the babies. ” Hi, I am Zanele who loves being around the babies. I am loud and funny, and my babies love it!”


Presh is our head carer who helps keeps things running smoothly and the babies happy. ” Hi, meet Precious, the head of the baby home. I spend hours with the babies making sure they are happy and well cared for.”


Bongani is our Saving Futures and Upper Highway Baby Home Driver. He also assists Thobi in the Saving Futures Programme. “Hi this is Bongani. I like to work with people as a team. Working closely with children is especially important to me.”

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
For indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

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