First adopted baby

Bye bye baby

She joined us, and from the start we knew we would only have her for 2 weeks. She had been placed in a home with her biological brother and her new family were busy making preparations for her sudden arrival.

She settled so nicely with us and was soon in a good sleeping and feeding routine. The days passed and we prepared for her departure, excited for her to be united with her forever family and a bit sad that we would not be apart of her little world anymore.The day arrived and Mom, Dad, big brother and sister as well as her auntie came to meet their new bundle of joy. There was such excitement, and a few tears witnessing this union. After a feed and change, Princess E was scooped up by her new family and set off. 

As our first official adoption, this little one will always hold a special place in our hearts and we feel privileged to have played a small part in her life.  

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