“Georgie Peorgie pudding and pie

Has kissed us all and made us cry

When the others learned not to stray

Georgie Peorgie did things her way….


This is our George.  She is a little pocket rocket of note.  She is still so tiny and although she wears 6- 12 months clothes she can still fit in 3-6 months tops.  Georgie will steal your heart then run away with it for ever.  She pushes you to the edge then with the cutest smile has you right back in the palm of her hand.

She loves the tiny babies and is definitely the affectionate type but will just as easily walk past another baby and for no reason at all just push them over or pull their hair.

She likes to scream twice a day and will do this regardless of the circumstances but can also sit for an hour or two on your lap and cuddle like a new born.

Georgie likes to feed herself and does not like stodgy food at all.  Her absolute best is steamed broccoli and cauliflower but she passes on pasta and potatoes.   That been said – she loves fried chips.


She is as pretty as a flower our Georgie Peorgie and is loved by many.  When she enters your home just know that things are done her way or not at all.


We are actually all doing ok in lockdown.  The staff have been fabulous and stayed here to keep the babies safe.  It is clear that the bigger babies are looking for more.  They want to stay at their parents side day and night.  The nursery is not quite doing it for them anymore.  They would rather be playing in a Tupperware cupboard while you cook or helping you wash the car.  They love to help with putting on your make up or brushing your hair.  They like to unpack cupboards and generally just learn by observation.  Soon, soon my babies you will watching your new families favourite TV programmes cuddled on the sofa with your Mummy and Daddy.  You will have your own place that will belong just to you and your home will be forever.   You will be going on more outings to the shops and playing with new friends (we are sure you will miss all of your brothers and sisters here but the friends you will make in these early years will help shape your future).  We are treasuring the extra time we have with the big 4 due to the lockdown and realising that we will probably never have babies of this age in the home again as they are usually adopted before this age.  We are just loving how much they are growing and developing every day.  They are following instructions very well and have mastered names of basic body parts and that socks and shoes go on your feet and not on your head!



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