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One year in…

A year in – and wow it has gone super fast.  Allie, Ella, Gabe, Faith, Lillie (1) Georgie, Tobi, Mia,  Sonnie, Lizzie, Lillie (2), Jakey, Luna and Phoebe all through our doors.  We have excellent staff and over 70 volunteers of which at least 25 are regular and committed to helping the babies every day.

We have laughed and cried and grown every day with our gorgeous babas.  They are part and parcel of the Stanton clan and love their big sisters and brother endlessly – not to mention Gangan and Pappa who are on the property and often called on to help isolate a new born from colds or provide one on one attention for someone in need.  90% of the babies’ sugar intake is directly attributed to Gangan!!!!

We learnt about fundraising and we worked hard with people who care to make Mandela Day a success and build our beautiful indoor/outdoor undercover play area and build up bath and new born bath – not to mention a kitchen overall for the babies and volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.  We had a wonderful Wine Not Wednesday evening that also produced a much needed financial contribution to the baby home.

Out Adopt a cot programme did not take off as we had hoped but we are so grateful to the people who contribute monthly and this has been greatly appreciated.  We hope to extend this in 2020 with more success.

Our focus this year is to get our funding in place to ensure the sustainability of the baby home.  To these ends a Fund Raising committee has been set up and we are excited to see what comes of this.

We have an extremely successful community service programme and students are welcome everyday to learn about babies and baby care not to mention the state of abandonment and adoption in South Africa.  We welcomed many students and had a number of students doing over 100 hours of community service for the President’s Award.

Our babies have developed wonderfully – all ahead of their milestones.  They are definitely mostly happy and healthy but poor Tobi had two hospital admissions and he is a chronic asthmatic and little Mimmie also had a few days in hospital when she got a terrible sinus and bronchitis infection.  We work had to keep the babies healthy and they are on Creche Guard and Zinplex as well.  Thank you so much Sr. Sharon Buckle and Dr Narsai and Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital for their care.  Thanks also to volunteers who stay by baby’s side when they are in hospital so that they know they are loved and limit their anxiety.

Three of our babies were reunited with family and Gabe, Lillie and Faith went back to Hope House and have since been adopted.  Ella was adopted into a lovely family in Durban and Mimmie is with her lovely mum.  Lizzie went to her granny and Luna is with her mommy.  Allie, Tobi, Georgie and Sonnie were to be adopted in April but these have been suspended due to the Covid – 19 virus and leaving us to be with their forever families.  This is such a bittersweet time and we will never forget the babies of 2019 – you were our first and will hold a special piece of our hearts forever.

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