So our family is a little different from most. For all our new followers – here is a little introduction. Sorry to  the “Old faithfuls” who know us well… here goes.

We are a blessed family with lots of diversity and love which makes us resilient.  Our children are blessed with a Gangan and Papa who live on our property too and they play an important role in everyone’s lives.

Daddy is Gary who is a semi retired UKCA and CASA and full time founder and operator of the baby home which is located in our house. Mommy is me and I am a scientist who runs a small consulting business will the help of Daddy to generate funds for our family that changes all the time.

Our two oldest children are 21 (Samuel) and 18 (Rebecca) already and we are so lucky to have them both home at the moment. Everyone of our family members loves babies so its all good. We also have my amazing sister with us for lockdown to keep everyone exercising and helping Gangan and Papa with the tiny babbas.  Samuels girlfriend is also becomming a dap hand at all things baby.

Then we have Sma – our little 11 year old super star. She is the energiser bunny of the family and is adored by all. She is the most sociable person in the family but is also amazing with her baby brothers and sisters who adore her.

After Sma we have our babies. Right now our 4 oldest are about 14 months old and were due to be adopted this month and this has sadly been delayed due to the Covid 19 Virus out break.  Then we have little Lillie pie who is 10 months old and baby  Jakeq is 8 months old. Our not so little Phoebe (Beebee for short) is 2 months old and our newest little man is a little premmie who is still fighting in hospital NICU. We pray everyday that he gets a little stronger so that we can bring him home. We know with lots of love and cuddles he will thrive  just like the rest of  our crew.

So the babies will change from time to time as perfect families are found for them but the feeling  in the home stays the same. We embrace individuality and value what each little person brings to our family. If you are with us for 1 day or 2 years – you are part of us for ever. Gary and I had totally underestimated the love we would have for each and every one of our children. We see how they develop so uniquely even though they grow up here in the same home. Our three older children all have huge hearts and care deeply and we hope that the time spent here by the other children will give them the same foundation for life. What is a life without love?

We have ups and downs like every family but at the end of the day we go to sleep feeling like the luckiest people on earth.

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